The idea of Solukey came to the mind of the manager Julien while he was working in a community in the service of lost / found objects.

He kept recording the declarations of losses and objects returned by a large number of caring people. Despite this solidarity, the goodwill and research carried out by the service, the likelihood of returning all those precious items to the unlucky owners was almost zero due to lack of information.

Julien then had the idea of creating a very simple but effective system, in order to inform the owner the loss of an object without revealing its contact details. He thinks of assigning a Personal identifier for everyone, so that anyone who gets their hands on the lost item can instantly alert its lucky owner.

A few months later Solukey was born!
In February 2017, the online platform was created and the statutes of the company Solukey were deposited.
Solukey’s goal is to make all the unlucky ones smile by allowing them to find their lost items, sometimes even before they know it. Wishing develop a quality service accessible to all, Solukey wishes to create the largest community mutual aid on French territory.
We are currently looking for partners to develop the service and thus help a large number of persons.