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93% of people who have found objects wish to return them to their owner. * Source: OpinionWay.


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Howit works ?

When you lose your keys, wallet, phone or other items from the daily, you do not always know who to contact to find them (taxi, metro, train station, airport, shopping center, municipal police, etc.). Moreover, the person who finds them does not know never to whom they belong, nor where to return them.

Smile again and more!

With the Solukey app, download your labels for free personalized and mark your business with your username. The person who finds your item can alert you anywhere in the world with a single click on our website or via the app. You instantly receive a notification and an email indicating the contact details of the person or department to contact. Your details remain of course confidential.

Some numbers

Each year, 12 million objects are lost on French territory. In the Paris region, between 600 and 700 objects are lost every day. Unfortunately, 96% of these items will never be returned according to a study published in Le Monde. However, 93% of individuals who found objects wish to return them to their owner.

A small oversight that often forces you to incur significant expenses, a lot of stress or desperation when you lose something dear to you or that contains important data (eg phone, computer, wallet, identity documents, luggage, etc.).

Did you know that the cost of your car key, secure key or the intervention of a locksmith often amounts to several hundred euros? Not to mention the hassles and procedures to which he must face to reproduce them.

Do not wait any longer to lose these precious objects and opt for serenity!

With your collaborative networking application, benefit from a service free alert and find your lost items thanks to a simple and universal concept: the solidarity!

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